Special Events Schedule 

November 2019

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LightClub's Magick bar

customized items made to order!

Saturday, November 9th

12:00pm to 4:00pm

Our monthly Magick Bar is now bigger and better than ever--come see our amazing workshop where everything is created and magic is made! Consultations are available all day so we can discuss what might be best created to suit your needs. Then your custom item is made on the spot before your eyes...we even teach you (and let you assist) in how to infuse it with blessings & magick!

We will also be offering two of our most potent and Witchiest items--customized Witch Brooms and customized Witch Hats!

These will be available all day during Magick Bar as well as our usual menu of custom items...

"Bar Menu" will include:
*Custom Brooms
*Custom Witch Hats
*Custom Spell candle design--"dressing and blessing"
*Custom Spell Kits
*Personalized Energy Sprays
*Custom Crystal Sachets
*Charging and blessing of any and all magical tools
and much more!

Come on in, mosey up to the Bar and visit us for a spell!

"NightClub" Curiosity Shoppe

Friday, November 15th, 

6:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m.

Unable to make it to the Shoppe during our daytime hours? Come enjoy some evening retail therapy at LightClub--personalized consultations will be available, as well as custom orders and a sneak peek at the latest new products!

Healing Sound Bath 

Sunday, November 17th 

7:00 p.m. to 8:30 p.m.

with Alexandra Radoaca


Singing Bowl big.jpg

Sound has been an integrative healing practice for many cultures for thousands of years. Whether it's singing bowls, flutes, mantras, medicinal melodies, the wind in the trees or the waves in the ocean sound is a powerful tool to bring us to a relaxed state of consciousness, openness and connection. During a Sound Bath we will create an immersive sound journey using various instruments such as singing bowls, crystal bowls, nature sounds and chimes to allow self-healing to take place.  The Sound Bath will begin with a short meditation and breath work as we settle into the space within and around us. We will end with a sharing circle to allow us to process and share our experience.


Please share with us if you have any allergies or discomfort to smoke, incense or essential oils.

Alex creates a nurturing space and invites us to connect to our deepest self using sound, energy work and meditation. She has developed a deep connection to the earth by trekking mountains across the world, hiking local trails, practicing earth living skills and working with medicinal herbs. Alex is passionate about how different cultures use sound to heal and help process emotional, spiritual and physical challenges. She creates soundscapes that incorporate nature elements and indigenous instruments to facilitate self healing. 


Aura Cleansing Salon:

Release Negativity and Rise

with Melissa Paone Somma

Friday, November 22nd

7:00pm to 9:00pm

This salon will be for a select group of fifteen people only. During this powerful and profound session, we will be releasing negative energies and blockages from the aura through several healing and energizing techniques. Each participant will be placed in a copper pyramid surrounded by a crystal grid to raise their vibration. Don’t miss this rare opportunity to experience positive energy on a whole new level.

Energy Exchange: $40

Small Business Saturday

November 30

11:00 am - 6:00 pm 

Come visit us on one of our very favorite days!

We will be offering refreshments, giveaways, special discounts and much more!

Here's a small sample of what will be going on at LightClub...


At the Curiosity Society: Holiday movies will be playing all day long in our theater/gallery

At the Shoppe: Talk with our staff about custom-designed gift baskets and certificates,

 and visit the Magick Bar for custom items and gifts!


We are also very proud to announce that we will be featuring Lev LaVoe Natural Hairbraiding, as seen at the NY Renaissance Festival! Come visit us for some magickal hair and perhaps a bit of phrenology to boot!
Walk-ins welcome! 

We will be revealing our new products for the Christmas/Yule season for the first time as well—don’t miss this day of fun, Light and support small businesses!

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